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Invintation Cards

Whether hosting a Birthday or Cocktail Party, Black Tie Event, or Wedding, your invitation card is the first thing your guests will interact with. Your invitiation needs to intice them to what they'll see on the event day and it should make them want to come. In this era of social media and emails, our invitation cards will also come in a digital format.

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Graphic Design

Tickets & Name Tags/Badges

When hosting large events, tickets are another way of tracking how many guests you should expect to cater for. But the most important reason to use tickets is to track the people who have paid to enter the event. Name tags are used by employees to allow customers to know whom they are served by.

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For hosting events or on a restuarant, menus are an essential to have. They give your guests a choose on what they would like to eat to suit their tatse for the day. A well designed menu gives will add value and give your guests the impression that you have gone out of your way to design something unique to go with your theme.

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This referes to the scheduled activities that will take place on the day of the event. This will guide your guests of what to expect when it comes to speakers, topic and time management. A programme outlines all assets needed and interests with a clear vision and goals to be met by attending that particular event.

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Graphic Design


Posters are a logical way of communication, whether you'll be having one to invite people to the event, or one that will be guiding people once they have attended the event, any event will always have room for a poster. The aim of a poster is for it to be designed in a way that will lure, attract, and provide people with important information.

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