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Every great project starts with a plan. Without a great plan, you'll be greating a wonderful recipe for failure, wasted time and resources. Planning a Mobile Application project is what gives the team the correct direction in which to head towards, and will also allow the team to outline what the main objectives of the Mobile App are. At this phase we will also present our plan to the client so that they see where we are heading.

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Starting with the wireframes to the interface, our world class team will create the ultimate look & feel of the app. Putting into consideration the UX, the UI, needs to be user friendly and allow the users easy access to content with its easy to use navigation. The design process involves creating the visual appearance of the project that will be seen on the front end, making sure that all elements are included.

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Working on the functionality of the mobile application, also known as the is the back-end of the project. Development is more of an UX stage where the developers will focus on how the interactions with the users will flow together to create an experience that will please them. Even though the user might not see this process, the results they will get from any input made will be because of the development made to the project.

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It's a process to develop a mobile application, testinng the project before launching will allow the team to determine any errors that users might encounter. One of the main features of testing the app will be checking that it is competible across all devices, it's aligned with the project scope and it does what it's intended to do. A well tested project will determine a successful project.

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When the project is complete and has passed the testing stage, the next step that comes will be releasing it to your audience. We will release the developed project on both iOS and Android and take you through iTunes and App Store for easy access. We can also provide your brand with a landing page and market it through Social Media and SEM.

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To smoothly run a large or medium scale mobile application it will require ongoing maintenance. HM Creatives will look after your project after it has been launched and released to your audience to make sure that they have constant support. Like any other online system, there will come a time to upgrade; adding new and more features as time goes to always give your audience what they need.