Preparation of all small and large format mediums • Publications •

Books, Newspaper & Magazine Layout

Design and layout of publications for print or online usage. You provide us with the content and we'll compile a publication to entice your audience. Whether for corporate usage or to publish externally, publication can be designed to reach to a specific targeted audince than just randomly published.

From R450.00

Graphic Design

Newspaper & Magazine Adverts

Magazines and newspapers have been around us for generations. With still over a million readers daily, advertising on these publications holds the ability to great a big brand awareness for your business. Even if you are a small business, nothing can limit you from adverising in the most read national publication.

From R750.00

Graphic design

Copy Editing

People and organizations write copy/content everyday, but sometimes what sounds good to us might not sound good to the next person. And at times we even miss the simplest and smallest spelling and grammar. We at HM Creatives we have a team that will go through your articles for those kind of errors and edit them for you.

From R550.00

Graphic Design

Content Writing

Whether looking to put out a poster, flyer, brochure, digital advert, or content for a website, coming up with the right words is not always that simple, or you might not have time to do so. We at HM can cover that for you so that you can save you on time and money. We'll do research for you and come out with the perfect wording.

From R500.00

Graphic Design

Annual Reports

Put more thought to what you put on your social media account or page. Audiences are more likely to have interest in something if its visually attractive to their eyes so each post should be companied by something that will grab their attention. Make use of this method to drive traffic and keep your audience well informed.

From R1 250.00