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With billions of users making use of social media each day, which platform is better than this digital space for brand awareness. Social media has grown at a repid speed, with Facebook being the leader of all social media platforms, the number of users are growing each day.

Every operating business today needs to have a social media account because their audience is making use of these channels. This will allow you to engage with new and existing audience on daily basis and get to know what they seek in a brand like yours. Social channels will help you market your brand in an effective and low cost manner.

One of the big benefits of social media marketing is that you get the most out of your content. You can share copy, images, and videos, so you'll always have something to post but it needs to add value to your audience. Here are some benefits of social media channels:

Increase Brand Awareness

Social media will allow your business to have access to millions, if not billions of potential clients. This will allow you to engage and interact with them which will lead to them knowing more about your business. When social media is used well, your business will gain good reputation and cleints will most likely trust it. This is currently one of the leading platforms to grow your business.

Improves SEO

Due to the connection of social media and search engines, having a social media account will help finding your business of search engines become easier. Social media helps to give your brand more exposure and create a strronger and recognizable online presence. This will not just happen on it's own, you still need to post content that is relavent and will target your keywords.

Improves Conversion Rate

Social channels are great for capturing your audience's attention, when you have their attention you have all the power. You can decide to use this power to convert their attention into sales for your business. When you know what your clients want you can now cater products and services that they will prefer, this is also called user generated content, where you give your audience based on what you know about them.

Improves Brand Loyalty

A loyal customer will support you in good times and bad, will defend your brand when you are not around and will not go to your competitors just for lower rates. Keep loyal customers by providing them content that will and value to them, and make their lives easier. Communicate regulary and develop a personal bond with your audience, show them that you care.

Satisfy Customers

Your audience will always want to stay in contact with you on social media, make them feel special. It is important for your brand to have its own unique voice to communicate with is audience. Your customers will feel appreciated when you acknoledge their comments on your page.

Always have one tone of communication and each interaction with your audience should be special. Take the opportunity to show compassion towards your customers.

Very important Tip

Customers don't see social channels as a platform to view your latest products and services, to them it's more of a platform for easy communication. Avoid using responce template and be more personal to your audience. This is a platform made for quick response so never delay them.


There is no reason for your business to not have social media accounts, with so many advantages on your sight, social channels are only windows for new and greater opportunities for your business. You have nothing to lose but a whole lot of new customers to gain. Start today and start seing instant and long-term results.

The sooner you start, the sooner the people will here about your brand. Your business needs social media now more than ever and HM creatives can help you get on that wagon buy setting up and personalise social media accounts for your business at a very low rate. Don't let your competitors have all the fun, start now.

- Article by Hlulani Mkhombo