To get things done the right way, we follow a process. • The Process •

The Process

Our method of deliverying the best solution requires us to gether as much information as we can about our client and their marktet. This will be done by listening and asking our clients questions about what they would like to achive with their branding. This will be done via telephone communication, face-to-face meeting, or email communication. We'll follow some of the steps below: (click heading to read)

The initial stage requires communicating with the client and get a clear understanding of they want and how we'll get there. At this stage both parties, HM Creatives and you(client), should provide all necessary information for the project to run smoothly.
Before we committe to doing any designs, we will require a minimum deposit of no less than 50% to be paidto the provided bank account or in cash. HM Creatives will not start doing any work before there's a commitment of funds from the client.
This is the stage where our team will do some research on the project in hand. This can be done by sending questionaires if necessary or verbal communications with the client, or conducting an external research on some of the projects that have been done in the past. This will allow us to come up with something better than what has been done.
This is the stage where we'll start putting the pieces together. We'll be taking all the gathered information and start planning the execution of the project through the use of sketches, wire frames, and anyther necessary mediums.
Making the magic, and pulling the rabbit out of the hat. We'll be bringing our planning to life. Designing the actual product of the best solution for your brand.
Presenting the first drafts to the client. We will show you what we have came up with, and make changes if requested.
After the client has been satisfied with the final draft, we'll be handing over the final project to them. This hand over will include all necessary file format and implementation when required. Whoever, this can only be done once we have received the remaining payment.

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